ELLE Style Awards: What I Wore

Alberta Ferretti dress, Tebi Jewels necklace.

Christian Louboutin shoes, Alexis Brittar and Tebi Jewels rings.

Celestina clutch (available at net-a-porter), Tebi Jewels ring, Moschino coat.

Remember in this post I mentioned that I was going for an Eleonora Carisi - stroke - Olivia Palermo - stroke Mira Duma look? Well, suffice to say that I didn't half achieve what I had set out to. (Could have used a little more time for hair and make-up, my eye bags might argue.) Nonetheless, I got there, and I loved my dress. This Alberta Ferretti number is the is the orchid of flowers; understated, unassuming but perfectly formed. You can just about make out the detail in the first image but it is really, really beautifully made. Though I must say that for future events, I might choose something that's a little harder to explain without making it sound somewhat like my 85 year-old Italian Grandmother's favourite blanket. (Brown tweed, brown crochet... You get the gist.)

So there we have it - my painfully analytical explanation of my ELLE Style Awards outfit choice. Yes, sorry about that. I like to talk. Oh, but wait! I haven't even started on the accessories! That perfect blue necklace was kindly lent to me by Tebi Jewels (thank you!) as was the ring in the third image. The other ring - which you can't see but I'll talk about anyway - is from Alexis Brittar. How do I explain... Imagine a transparent rock carved into the skyline of the dolomites mounted on a gold ring - sharp and strong enough to punch the lights out of even the most resilient of boxers - and you're pretty much there.

And lastly, the shoes. Oh, ouch the shoes. Well, these particular shots don't do them justice, but they really are just the most beautiful things. I've had them for a couple of years and this was their first proper outing. (Is it strange that I feel the need to apologise for this in light of their beauty?) But can I just say... THEY ARE KILLERS. They are to feet what sunbeds are to skin: PURE EVIL. I.E they look darn good on the outside by dying on the inside. (Sorry Monsieur Louboutin, je t'aime beaucoup but they really are quite something - good AND bad.) But hey, who's complaining. Oh wait, yes that would be me. 

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