I WILL go to the ball

As you may or may not know, the annual ELLE Style Awards will be taking place next Monday which means that we, as attendees-stroke-interviewers, must find a suitably stylish get up. 'Easy', you might think, in a job where beautiful clothes are swanning around like Charlies in a chocolate factory. But alas, this particular task has proved much harder than you might think. Take the dress above, for example. It's unique, it's stylish if that's your kind of thing and it's one of my favourite things in my wardrobe. (It's also floor-length, which you can't see.) BUT let's face it, it's an absolute monstrosity. And when I'm going for 'understated-with-a-unique-twist', I would have thought it best to stay away from 'sewed-together-a-giant-blanket-in-three-sizes-too-big'.

Two things I must mention here. 1. I adore this dress. It's big, yes. It's a little garish, yes. But I love it. And it's Giambattista Valli. And when I put it on, I feel ready to tackle the world's many issues. Alone.
2. Can we ignore the Ikea bag? Thanks.

So anyway, my conclusion is this. If you were to take a half-broken blender (operative phrase: 'half-broken' as it wouldn't blend quite so evenly) and mix one part Miroslava Duma (in the orange dress), one part Eleonora Carisi (in the blue) and one part Olivia Palermo, you would get something along the lines of ME. Or at least me at the ELLE Style Awards. Because let's face it, I'm about as well groomed as Olivia Palermo on a sofa day.

So, there we have it. And next Tuesday, I will reveal the results of the taste test of this particular recipe.

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