Happy Sunday - I've got work to do

Happy Sunday everyone! I am writing this from the comfort of St John's Hill's Costa in Clapham Junction - one of my favourite places to unwind with a good hot chocolate (complete with marshmallows, flake and whipped cream) on a Sunday. Plus, there's the BEST charity shop across the road - remember the one I mentioned here - which I still won't disclose the name of but any Clapham locals can go ahead and hazard a guess. 

The highlight of my Sunday so far? Opening my gmail inbox to find the first EVER 'Agony Aunt Anna' question lurking about under the subject title 'Burning Fashion Questions' from the beautiful Charlotte Ingram all the way from Hong Kong. 

As I mentioned in the last post, I would gladly welcome the most complicated of scenarios - a challenge, if you will - and lovely, lovely Charlotte was clearly up for setting me a challenge. So, it may take a couple of days, but rest assured Ingram, I AM ON IT. It will be with you soon...

I am also doing my best to prepare an NYFW summary post which I will get round to at some point before the end of LFW. I hope.

PS. The image? Well, Ben said that this reminded him of a 'comfortable Sunday outfit'; Appropriate for this post, then, I thought.

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