You just can't get the staff these days. Or else. I didn't have the foresight to pack a daytime clutch that could fit a recently purchased Nikon D3100. But - and to continue on this streak of positivity and spirituality - there are no problems, only solutions. (I still disagree with this statement as without problems, there would be no solutions. But whatever. It sounds nice and in this case, rings true.)

Funny, actually, how despite my meticulous packing and careful editing, I was able to exceed the weight limit by 8.5kg. That's almost a third of the total allowance. (That's what happens when you fly Monarch - you get what you pay for.) And what happens when you under pack? You over edit. And vice versa or one before the other. The egg and chicken etc.

But, where there's a will, there's a way and in this case, I found it. In the form of my boyfriend's wash bag (which, coincidentally, I bought him for Christmas.) I'm hardly the most bona fide fan of overtly labelled goods - unless it's wash bag - in which case it's acceptable. Which is why - and I do relish a pinch of irony - I found it remarkably whimsical that my debut outing with this monogrammed pouch would take place in a town of fake goods. (Needless to say, I passed many of its counterfeit siblings along the way - minus the gold leaf embossed initials.) I digress. The point of the story? If it's a lightweight, camera-holding pouch you're after, Gucci do a mean men's washbag complete with dual purpose and unisex appeal.

Wearing: Lace espadrilles - great ones here by Jeffrey Campbell. Gap tee and shorts.


Rearward injuries, lopsided shoulders, laborious key searching... All valid reasons for which I have embarked on a resolute search for the beauty queen of shoulder bags. Auditioning categories include proportions (curvy essential - too small and it becomes useless),  talent (hidden compartments hit judge's soft spots), bikini (must satisfy transeasonal needs) and question round (must be substance as well as beauty.) The opening rounds proved arduous but the end is in sight, my friends. Laugh if you will, but given the fairly hefty price tags - and yes, I do believe you get what you pay for - the thought process could be nothing short of meticulous. What would you score them? 

Gucci shoulder bag. Givenchy Obsedia monochrome shoulder bag. YSL black shoulder bag. Chloe embellished shoulder bag


Rhonda Byrne books, anyone? Learn how to be grateful come rain or shine? You can bet your bottom dollar that anyone giving thanks for London's uncharacteristic (yeah, right) monsoon season is lying to your innocent little face. The human cognitive system is designed to be naturally opposed to grey, dull, misery. I'd like to believe that we could - if we wanted to - condition our brains to be less opposed to our climate. We should be used to it, after all. But, truth is, it would be easier to jump ship and move elsewhere. Pressed for time - and funds, if I'm honest - I had to make do with a brightly coloured collage instead. Might I suggest ordering any one of these pieces via same day delivery to your current place of work/leisure/weather-induced-sulk could act as a catalyst to your own sunless yet sunny disposition.

Juliet and Company blue drop earrings. Marc by Marc Jacobs polka dot bag. Topshop patent bright courts. French Connection paisley shorts. Karen Walker sunnies. Dannijo bright necklace. Topshop bright mesh trainers. Clover Canyon printed top. ASOS metallic brocade clutch.


I've been away for a while. Yes, absent but from the blogosphere but also, literally. Sunglasses, woven clutch, vaguely visible table cloth, cobbles... Have you caught wind yet? Get your sails up. Greece! Well, holiday is what that mish mash of terminology was intended to connote. The beautiful fishing town of Agios Nikolaos is where I spent an achingly relaxing week perusing books on spirituality and the bitching world of Kelly Cutrone. (It aches even more now that I'm back in London town and I would usually insert a moan here, but the aforementioned spiritual books would advise that I be grateful for precipitation. Cleanse the soul etc.) Anyway, I give you a sneak peak of two of my favourite accessories that came on holiday with me. Miu Miu sunglasses and Zara clutch. (PS. if you've been following me on twitter, you'll know that I left these precious glasses on the plane. Absolutely heartbreak.)