Devil In the Detail

The-Devil-is-in-the-Detail  Phrase. 1. What one of the best fashion features directors in the industry replies when you send her an application addressed to the WRONG PERSON. 2. Also pronounced ih-dee-oht.

Oops, but those days are behind me now.

A little sneak peak of the fun at my friend, Ben's house from last week. Excuse the close-up image. Only, I don't think one can appreciate the detail in all its glory unless you can actually see it

I love this jumper. I picked it up about two weeks ago from a charity shop in Clapham Junction. (I won't be disclosing the name as I like to think of it as my best kept secret. Sorry). It's actually pretty perfect; a little fluffy, a little metallic and complete with flashes of orange to keep it from falling irreversibly into the little girl category. 

I've worn it endlessly and, not being such a huge fan of knitwear in general, I'd say it was a pretty well-considered purchase. If you scroll down a few posts, you'll see how I wore it with my green Zara skirt and Burberry jacket. Hardly out there, I know, but I was at work, not the circus, for goodness sake. So all in all, the best £1000 I ever spent. Or one of them, anyway...

Worn here with my all-concealing, all-saving Mulberry skirt. (Also one of my top 567 5 purchases, but more on that later).

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