Precious Moments

The internet is a wonderful thing, isn't it? You can browse the web, pick out a beautiful vintage piece on then have it magically appear in your stocking on Christmas Day... Oh no, what? That doesn't happen to you like, ever? Shame, so sorry. Because that's what happened with this vintage Christian Dior bracelet from Susan Caplan vintage last Christmas; I browsed, I liked, I received. No thanks whatsoever to my friend Clare, who was 'mystylist' at at the time

No, what actually happened was that my boyfriend and I have super powers and can work telepathically. Not always, mind you, just when we really, really want something. For example, this Christmas, I got him a shaver. And who doesn't really, really want a shaver?! (No, I'm not that awful a girlfriend, I did get him other things, too).

But anyway, it's one of my absolute favourite possessions, help from my brilliant friends or not. (Plus, it's the thought that counts, isn't that what they say? Yeah, right.) Worn here with probably my second and third favourite things to wear on my wrist; My BCBG Max Azria watch and my silver and pearl Tiffany bracelet which he (and by he, I mean the boy) thoughtfully got me following the completion of my dissertation.

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