Pre - ELLE Style Awards

In preparation for the ELLE Style Awards (which takes place tonight - aahhhh!) I decided to follow a three-day detox plan. I use the term 'plan' loosely because, well, there wasn't really a plan as such. Instead, the past three days have consisted of ONE pilates class (yes! I finally went!) and a diet of beetroot, seeds, fruit, veg, psyillium husks (huh?), detox tea, lots of hummus, a little white meat. OR rabbit food, as my boyfriend preferred to call it. Oh, and er... apple crumble. 

Yep, apple crumble. Because that's what happens when you form part of the Vitiello-Ordillano-Qazi clan; Diets are impossible. Because for one reason or another, we always find a reason to EAT. And not just eat, but rejoice, celebrate and be joyous around food. (This time it was down to my life-long twin-cousin coming home from China following an eventful six months involving teaching and snake bites. A good reason to eat - I might add.)

So there, my detox didn't work. BUT I MUST SAY that I am proud of myself... So much temptation - what with pizza and bread on the table too - and the only disallowed food group I consumed from was cake. Wait, is that even a food group?!

Needless to say, I'll be wearing spanx tonight.

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