What ELLE Wore Today: Me + THE FACE

My work shoes - work shoes noun 1. footwear that is deemed socially acceptable in the world of editorial whilst vaguely refraining from turning balls of feet into balls of fire.

No, but really now, these are the comfiest shoes I own (thank you, Zara). But of course, as social guidelines for gender behaviours would dictate...  'Well, if those are your comfiest shoes then that says a lot about your footwear collection.' Yes, thanks for your astute observation, dear brother.

I'm leaving my face out of this one for a few perfectly justified reasons. A) It was cold. And by cold I mean DID I MENTION IT WAS SNOWING? No, you can't see it in the image, but by golly did it snow I swear, and by golly, will I ever learn to dress appropriately for snow? So yes, it was cold. Which means A.1) I resembled Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (and let's face it, this isn't a good look for ANYONE but Rudoplh). And A.2) I had tied my hair in what I thought was a sweet little bun but then... OH YUH, the humidity came and stole it's 'sweetness'.

Then B) I didn't sleep last night, again, for a number of reasons; The boiler was snoring unusually loudly, I'd not so unusually overeaten and was therefore suffering from another hit of rumble-tumble-tummy and to finish me off, DID I MENTION how cold it is? No, I don't think I did. Oh and of course what all of this means is that those bad-boy bags under my eyes were not giving up their bad-boy ways.

So there, that is why I am posting only two of the three images on the ELLE website. If you are happy to see it, then I'm happy for you. Click on this link to see my face, as well as the get-ups of the other lovely ELLE ladies that were shot for What ELLE Wears today.

So, as you can see, I've added a couple of my face following my rant about how dead tired I looked. But these, I concluded, aren't quite as bad given the saving grace of the side shot. Because believe me, full frontal was not a good look and come to think of it, never is. Especially when the boiler-in-the-night robs your eyes of any chance of a bag-free day. I love you dearly grandparents but why oh why couldn't I have had your curly hair, your conventional lip shape or ANYTHING but those bags?!

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