Happy Monday

So, how was your weekend? Mumble back if you want to, but that was really just meant for good etiquette.


But I’ll tell you how mine was, anyhow. Let’s just say that there was A LOT of food avec even more coffee, hot chocolate and milk involved, plus the odd evening working for my dad and a welcome email from the lovely people at notonthehighstreet.com. Yes, I do tend to fold, roll and pack my events into a hold-all of the finest quality that is my weekend, leaving the least room for air, or breathing space, possible. Oh, and I managed to squeeze in a bit of fun with my new ASH high tops. (Yes, those are tracksuit bottoms, but it was only for fun. Plus, they're men's and they're FASHION TRACKIES. This should make the whole thing acceptable, non? )

Anyway, more on the rest later. I wouldn’t get too excited, you’ll soon learn that I’m not that interesting – that is, if you haven’t understood that already. So, back to notonthehighstreet.com; I have been asked to style myself in ONE item from this genius online marketplace. What with accessories, shoes and apparel available, I had imagined this to be a doddle of a task. But alas, choice – or variety – is the spice of life, rendering this less of a doddle and more of a frustrating-for-no-reason shopping task. As you can imagine, the clicking and navigating between the site’s various tabs and sections stole a good hour or five from my work-free Sunday. But, when it comes to my mumble haven, I’m mumbling now, aren’t I? blog, I am decidedly dedicated. Plus, what’s not to love about being asked to wear something you like? Oh we do love a good moan, us women.


So anyway, I chose this skirt, and as my boyfriend kindly noted, ‘it looks just like that one you were looking at on err… what was that place?’. Yes darling, net-a-porter.com. But actually, credit given where credit is due, he wasn’t all that off the mark. It’s a great shape – beautifully cut (that’s everything I look for in a skirt, don’t you know? It hides my ‘ake skinny girl’ tum) – with an easy-to-wear print and an attractive price tag. Just the right amount of feminine stroke smart stroke of-the-season, me thinks.

Styling lesson pencilled in for later this week.


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