I need to stop spending. I will stop spending. Quote. Unquote. Lie. Unlie. I never used to believe in the tale of Pinocchio no matter how determined my deeply rooted Italian father tried to illustrate its validity by affectionately yanking at my nose. And yet, as a self-proclaimed sometime philanthropist with strong views on the subject of natural beauty etc. etc., it is here, now, at 20-something years of age that I find myself pondering the hypothetical level of dissimilarity that would be evident in my profile should I not have five-finger discounted that Barbie notepad from Woolworths all those golden years ago. (I haven't stolen since, mind you, having subsequently been caught out by my mother and made to return, as well as apologise, to the lovely lady at the till. And I was very, very sorry.)

So, lie no more I will. Quote. Unquote. And again. Until the next time I profess my determination to shake any fashion girl broke but who cares 'cos I look good stereotype-associations. And so, behold, a moment of true, dignified and harmonious honesty. I would like to buy this dress. I am captivated by the sparkle; enthralled by the glitter. Justification comes courtesy of SS12's penchant for all things crafted and embellished - even though I can't really afford it. And yet, I am going to have this in my wardrobe. And I'm not even sorry.

Dress, £335, By Malene Birger at My-Wardrobe.com

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