Wasn't it only a few posts ago that I was mumbling words of wisdom on the superhuman powers of statement jewellery and Swarovski necklaces? Boy, I must have a lot to say for myself. Or else, it was mere coincidence that fate brought me to a swoon-time breakfast with Swarovski's newborn baby sister, Lola & Grace. A morning to mooch, natter and beam with pride at the 6lb 4oz stash of sparkle all the while fulfilling the obligatory stomach-filling-duties with a nutritionally balanced breakfast of melon cubes and mini salmon cakes (better than what you usually get at the neo-natal unit - I'll tell you that much.) 

That's how I spent yesterday morning following quite a performance from the cab driver who's eyes were still so glazed over at 7.50 am that he was unable to distinguish between 21 and 2f. Where I waited. For 45 minutes. But alas, just a speedy conclusion-drawing phone call later and I was well on my way (albeit arriving 35 minutes late.) What did we get up to? All of the above - images, that is. Call it silly, wasteful or even child's play if the phrase tickles your terminology but photo booths and prize-giving candy trees are a couple of my most treasured past times. If you can get down to Westfield Stratford by this Sunday, you too can unlock London. Even better, you can make like Holly and I and find euphoria in contrasting wigs and feather boas.

Behold, the Lola & Grace sparkle ring in a conglomeration of fruity pigments. I know what you're thinking - Edible rings! How genius! I want one! Where can I get it from?! Ostensibly edible if a costly orthodontic bill is befits your fantasies, natch. These little spherical bodies of joy-giving gems are coloured crystal Swarovski elements which are almost disappointingly - nota bene - inedible. Not that I'm here to judge one's diet, mind you; I'm partial to a few strange comestible concoctions myself often involving carnivorous fare and yellow fruits. In these situations, I surmise that the most effective way of categorically resolving unequivocal dilemmas is to think what would Diana Vreeland do? I digress. She'd wear them. 

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