Tempted as I am to voice the obligatory oh florals! for summer! groundbreaking! trend-recycling wisecracks, I have resolved to abstain from stating the banal and obvious. Why? Because despite having resigned myself to seeing out a good proportion of my existence in truthful conduct, I would rather fill my posts with yay! florals! optimism! than to plague my odes to seasonal trends with wanton dissection and subsequent red-faced hypocrisy. Because, after all, isn't summer all about the  joy! sun! happiness! Let's revel in solar optimism together. Rather, I will share with you my wisdom and insight and would be indebted to you, as my readers, eternally, if you would benevolently footnote my posts, if you will. All that really means is that if my ass looks big and I should have bought these trousers in a size up, tell me. I don't bite. But anyway, I'll zip my trap and let Ben's photography do the talking, for once.

Top: Zara Bra (just because it has imposed its barefaced presence): Elle MacPherson Intimates Trousers: Zara Ring: Alexis Bittar Sunglasses: DVF Shoes: Marc Jacobs

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