The promised preview

    Marni SS12

Today is Thursday 1st March which means that there is exactly ONE WEEK until swarms of fashionistas will be queuing round the block (sorry to use such an American expression, but I really don't think we have a British equivalent) for H&M's latest designer collaboration. Unless you've been hibernating since well before twinkling lights and Christmas trees were filling the streets with festive joy, then you'll know that Marni's Consuelo Castiglioni is the brains behind a carefully selected capsule collection of the label's most iconic pieces. See Consuelo beam with pride over the collaboration in the video below.

If you've never before been acquainted with Marni then you'll be glad you checked my blog today. Having existed as the fashion insider's 'secret' since its humble beginnings, Marni has been described as the 'Italian crazy aunt' of designer labels, which is actually a pretty apt description. You know the drill - polka dots, stripes, funny hats... All those little details that make Italians the kooky beings that we are. Italians have a particular aesthetic about them that only spaghetti-consuming, silk-scarf wearing, leather-loving Italians have and often, or so I have found, this aesthetic can be misunderstood. Case in point; I found myself shopping with three of my best friends in New York last November. One of these girls - yes, you Alex - was swanning gleefully in and out of Jimmy Choo, Gucci and Kate Spade, picking up bling-bling trainers and glamorous glasses along the way. 'Can we pop into Marni?' I ask, as the girls obligingly followed me into my favourite store. With great precaution, Alex begins browsing, sniffing around like a dog looking to mark its territory in an unknown land. Then, and with the most innocent look on her face, (lucky that, because I almost slapped her) she turns to me and asks 'Anna, are you kidding me? Is this a second hand shop?'



IS THIS A SECOND HAND SHOP?! Oh scouse - that's her nickname, by the way - just because it doesn't have diamonds on it, doesn't mean it has been pre-owned. (Cut her some slack - she's from Liverpool.) So there you have it - proof that Marni has never been a 'mainstream' label, as it were. But you can bet your bottom dollar that next Thursday will go someway towards changing that. Above is a mish-mash of the pieces for which I will be making a serious beeline. Just a word of advice - if you see me in the queue, watch out - I'm brutal. 

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