Say AHOY THERE! to my new-old Manolo booties (the new-old thing will become much clearer in just a tick.) Just two Sundays ago the Sunday Times Style magazine dedicated what was pretty much an entire issue to the modern fashionista's ever-growing desire to run from the raging storms of full-priced current-season spending to the reposing tranquility of discount shopping. Now, if the phrase 'discount shopping' is conjuring up an entire species of 99p stores and beat-up market stalls in your head then may I suggest that you snap out of it - NOW! 
The point to focus on above all else here is that the current generation of the designer-clad fash-pack knows better than to purchase certain items full price. Now I have been a member of the discount-shopping club since the day I got my first visa debit card. And no, I'm not trying to affirm my status as any form of pioneering trend-setter here but what I am trying to say is sometimes, just sometimes, one finds themselves ever so slightly short of the 4,900 smakeroonees it takes to purchase VB's latest finest quality calfskin tote. 
The moral of the story? I got these Manolo Blahnik booties on eBay for £80 and I don't love them any less than if I'd bought them full-price, in-season and NIB (new in box - get with the eBay lingo.)

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