When Prada says run, we run. When Prada says jump, we jump. When Prada says dance like a meerkat, we dance like a meerkat. So when Prada says wear a crop top, we head to the gym. Because what Prada says, we do...
But Prada we can't all afford so in order to address issues relating to equality and fairness, I have thrown together a mix of affordable and definitely not-so-affordable pieces (ahem, the Alaia.) I have named this 'glam Americana' for reasons which I am about to explain. 
When I was 7, I ran up to mummy with my t-shirt tied in a knot and authoritatively announced that I would be wearing a crop top from that day on. Needless to say, she undid the knot, told me to keep my tummy tucked away and sent me to my room to revise my times tables. And as I hit my teens I was grateful to have been parented to safety and gently nurtured towards the greener pastures of covered midriffs. And yet, little did I know that only a few short years later I would be feasting my eyes on a bevvy of bare midriffs and covered bosoms on the Prada SS12 catwalk. 
The point of this childhood anecdote? Ask yourselves this; What do you feel when you utter the words crop top in your head? If you were to produce a mental word map of 'words relating to crop-top', would it go something like this...? 

I thought so and I feel your pain, because my friends, we are no longer 7 year olds. So, if you are fearful now, then fear no more because all you need is a little injection of WHAM BHAM THANK YOU MA'AM GLAM and all your childish fears will melt away before you can say 'fondue'.

Sunglasses | £193 Tom Ford at My Wardrobe       Earrings |£235 Oscar de la Renta at Net-a-Porter       Crop Top |£22 Motel at Topshop       Skirt |£978 Alaia at Matches       Shoulder Bag |£240 Raoul at Matches       Shoes |£59.99 Zara

See? I told you that I don't lie... The dark-red in this achingly beautiful Alaia skirt and the almost-demure gold Raoul bag firmly set the 'I'm actually a grown-up' alarm bells ringing, while the crop top does what it says on the tin without revealing the whole ingredients of the secret recipe (... if you get what I mean, wink wink nudge nudge.) Add a sprinkle of 50's cat eye sunglasses, sweet Oscar de la Renta candy-coloured earrings and some Prada-but-on-a-budget Zara sandals and the Americana Heavens will have your bubblegum-pink drop-top Cadillac waiting at your front door complete with a handsome bouffant-clad young man named Danny before you can say '...but who's going to buy me popcorn and take me to the drive-in movies?'

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