This is no longer a fashion blog, but an ode to health and wellbeing. Relish this post as it is a breed most likely born to die; I give you the preliminary detox post and approximately 8.5 days before that damned two piece replaces hefty knitwear. Shudder. Tremble. Drat. The last time I 'detoxed' was days before the ELLE Style Awards, at the end of which I ended up in an empty red-carpeted room with the kind paramedic man feeding me a shrivelled up excuse for Pizza Express. Well, what more to expect when you combine amateur dieting with commotion, emotion and interviewing celebs. Idiot. I digress. I will be trying my hand at the Detox Kitchen programme for no less that five days. Fingers crossed that my review will be more oh I'm so glowing than paramedics and shrivelled pizza.

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