Saturday at Costa Coffee

Good morning from leafy Wandsworth. What have you all got planned this pleasant Saturday morning? Tweet me and let me know. But just incase you're interested... Here's my plan. I will be doing, or repeating, even, what now feels like a quotidian to the point of being almost banal, routine; I am back in Costa Coffee, Clapham. Oh yes, that old familiar place where I write to you, my virtual (and not-so-virtual) friends. If any of my wonderful readers should find your lovely selves in the area: Come and join me! Wow, now I sound like a real loner. But I'm not, read on...

I really cannot think of many better places to spend my Saturday and/or Sunday mornings... Trying to break even with life's balance and perusing the internet at my own leisurely pace. I could sit here until the cows come - not that you find that many cows roaming the not-so-rural streets of Clapham Junction - and today, that is quite literally my plan. 

My bright orange Smythson diary reads: 
Saturday 25th February 2012
Time: 10am. Activity: Blog post, email catch up. Location: Costa
Time: 12pm. Activity: Coffee with Kristina. Location: Costa.
Time: 2pm. Activity: Coffee with Delphine. Location: Costa.
Time: 7pm. Activity: The cows come home. 

So you see, it is possible to spend an entire day in Costa - I am living, breathing, solid and achingly dedicated proof. Right, now time to breathe an exasperated sigh post-mumble and actually get on with sending some emails. Ciao for now.

In this image: Shirt, shoes and skirt: Zara. Tights: Faulke. Coat: Y3. Bag: Mulberry.

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