Floral Sunday

Out came my favourite Moschino coat today as the sun shone and the streets buzzed in sweet anticipation of warmer days. The charming optimism of blue skies had quickly convinced me that today, of all Sundays, was a Sunday for florals. So, out they came. But it wasn't all romance and fiction - there was a little chill, too - and little would you know that beneath the floral outerwear lay a fur gilet and a warm cardigan, the coat cleverly concealing my very own weapons-against-the-cold. Did I fool you? Thought not.

Also - and for the first time this year - a pair of sunglasses gleefully formed part of the ensemble. And let me tell you, they have been just dying for an outing. (Actually, for this particular pair from DVF, it was the first outing ever.) Hooray, summer must be here! Not so, I'm afraid folks. I could have dealt with the chill, until...

It was about 2pm when the boyfriend and I entered a charming restaurant called Awana in Sloane Avenue, Chelsea. It was about 4pm when we left, our expressions littered with the excitement of taking a drive down the Kings Road, all top down and sunnies on. So, imagine our dashed hopes and bitter disappointment to find that the sky had been equally littered with environmental maquillage - pressed powder in shade, grey cloud.

But anyway, the food was lovely and the reviews were wrong. (Awana has received numerous less-than-flattering reviews on some 'foodie' websites; I.e. Rival restaurants. Oops, did I just say that?)

I also wanted to draw your kind attention to my 'find of the week'. (Should I make this a regular thing?) I am in awe of this emerald ring by Alexis Bittar, found in one of the many little ways that fashion insiders manage to wing a deal on things they want. I'm really quite in love with it. (I also got an amazing bangle from the same sale but all in due time, my friends, all in due time.)

Other items not mentioned: Cardigan - worn under coat - Gap. Jeans, Georgia May Jagger for Hudson. Trippy Tiger Alexa Hobo bag, Mulberry. Beaded necklace - just visible under the coat - River Island. White leather boots, Zara.

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