A-R-V LOVES | PEPLUMS. There. That was the real title. But I changed it for fear that one's vision would incandescently ricochet off the word peplum causing an impetuous close-this-window-immediately reflex. Now are you going to press the X on this tab? NO! Don't! Come on now, friends, give these questionable gathered waistlines a chance, won't you? So, why an impromptu post on our frilly friends, you ask? Good question. Because having spent a good portion of my 24 little hours researching peplums yesterday, it occurred to me that I should share my cogitations and subsequent foregone conclusions with you, dear readers.

Appertaining to the above, I will divulge only a single morsel of vital information to you; one of these is high street, the others are a little more, ahem, swank, should I say. Can you guess which one? Can you?! I think you can. Go on, give it a go. No? Still nothing? Ok, well in which case, here comes the big reveal drum roll please: it's number five of five. Yes, people, it's from Oasis. (As for the others, check the closing credits.) Your point? you will be asking as you ponder this childish submersion of questions. PEE, remember. One of the many conclusions I have come to on this preeminent matter is that it's gotta be a good'un, and it just so happens that the good'uns that I have found are flying off the richter scale in ways that are ambiguous as well as numerous numerous. The cryptic code to success lies in the cut and the material; it's got to be good quality; it has got to fit you well. If it doesn't, you run the unfortunate risk of looking like a hapless, destitute fashionista with a disagreeable pulled thread or two around your waistline which, coincidentally, is very unbecoming of a woman. So, back to my point, as a rule of thumb, if you are spending a tenner on the thing then the truth is that you'll probably fall into the unfortunate hapless crew. Truth hurts.

However, (this feels like saying but in a break-up, sob!) the saving grace is that no matter what you wear, the prevailing factor is the fit; does it flatter? If so, then storm up to the cash desk and hand over that AMEX, dammit. If you're shopping online, then his green long sleeve version from Alice and Olivia is wearable and purse friendly. This cream sleeveless version from Mint Velvet give you a sleeveless option and is perfect for layering. Should your bank balance (or, ahem, credit card even) allow then this white layered number from Miu Miu is decorously girly and yet strikingly cool.

Thakoon lily printed peplum top. Mulberry cream peplum top. Vera Wang strapless peplum corset. Oasis broderie Anglaise peplum top. Giambattista Valli leopard print peplum top.

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