Ch-ch-ch-changes are happening around here. Well, they haven't happened - or begun, for that matter - just yet. But they will. You'd better believe it. First up, a new banner, because as much as I enjoy the idiosyncrasy of myself laughing at myself's counterpart (I know that's terrible English for which I can only express my sincerest apologies) I think it's time for a ch-ch-change up; because, y'all, it's always time to keep it fresh, homie. Cruel, some might say, to a banner that has scarcely reached the age of a young fledgling. No fear, my friends, for I am of the loyal brigade and such impropriety is uncharacteristic and far from representative of my mental wellbeing. But all will become clearer as the changes go on. So, back to the banner, the left me is to be gingerly replaced by the devil on my shoulder - quirk. I recently added the strap line 'Sartorial mumbles of a quirdylike' to my banner, explaining that the term 'quirdy' represents the two sides to my sartorial soul, as it were; quirk and lady. (Five bucks for the first person to guess what the laughing me on the right is going to be replaced by.) In any case, I've been back and forth between many a quirky item and can now 'leak' the low-down on what to expect. Behold, the quirk.

Karen Walker sunnies. Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch. Topshop gradient floral trousers. Meadham Kirchhoff Feather JacketMiu Miu puffball skirt. Emanuel Ungaro sequin dress. Miu Miu white and gold bootiesHouse of Harlow leopard sunglasses. Marni black and gold embellished top

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