We all know that H&M's conscious collection is a treasure chest of sustainably stylish pieces. Well, the clever people at H&M's design HQ have somehow cottoned on to the fact that we are what can only be described as an unashamedly celebrity-obsessed generation. Now, if you're sitting there reading this and thinking you're entitled to remove your symbolic imaginary red wristband that gains you entry into 'Club Generation Obsessed' then step back into line and have your wristband at the ready because there are no VIPs in the club. And while you're queuing, take a minute to ponder... Have you ever picked up a magazine because Rihanna was on the front? Maybe. Have you ever gone to the cinema totally disinterested in the film but sweaty-palmed at the thought of watching Channing Tatum on the big screen for a Heavenly 90 minutes? Definitely. So, there you have it. (If you answered no to these or similar questions, you may downgrade to a yellow wristband.) Oh, and while we're making celebrity-related confessions... I'm a Kardashians addict. That is all.

As I was saying, celebrity = events, events = red carpet. 'So', they thought, 'why not make spring's conscious collection glamorous? And not just any glamorous, red-carpet glamorous. And we'll call it Glamorous Conscious Collection'. I know what you're thinking... Genius. Above is a selection of my favourite pieces. Being a red-carpet inspired collection, you'd imagine that more dresses might make the cut, and make the cut they did, only that my personal wish-list items included just one organic-cotton dress and irresistible tailoring. 

Out on 12th April nationwide.

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