In the microcosm of monthlies it's pretty much summer. YES, summer. June issues mean swimwear, swimwear means beach, beach means holiday. Roller motion the subject of holiday destinations into an already momentum-gathering equation and the whole thing starts to feel as though it is speeding steadily out of control. So I got to thinking...

... How did my choice of swimwear fare on my last beach holiday? And are these triangles of of self-preservation worthy of a privileged second trip to the azure waters of one of this earth's beautiful seas? Having flicked through a few snaps from Mykonos last year, it became immediately obvious that we - and by we I mean my swimwear collection and I - have grown apart since our last public outing as a unit. It's not them, it's me. I'm feeling less sporty and more...

... Missoni. How very caracas. Something about these ruffled tiers of missoni print is calling my name. A little pricey for a swimsuit? At £280 I'd say maybe, probably, yes. However, there comes a point in life when even your swimwear collection demands a little investment and heck, this might as well be mine. 

Swimsuit, £280, Missoni at Net-a-Porter       |       Towel, £235, Maslin and Co and Matches       |       Bag, £165, Sensi Studio at Matches

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