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I was recently asked to put a few looks together for a company that I am hoping to begin working with. Now, before you say anything, YES, I am fully aware that I have apparently featured an 'ouch' by Bottega Veneta instead of the 'pouch' that it actually is. But hey, what's life without a few mistakes?

So, anyway, I thought 'why not share a couple with my readers?' Perhaps you'll be interested, perhaps not. (But do let me know, as I am planning to make this a regular fixture here at ANNARVITIELLO.) You know, perhaps do a couple for the weekend - as I have done here - and a few throughout the week for various events... Mid-week dinner, for example. PLUS, I will gladly answer your own outfit dilemmas; A style agony-aunt, as it were. Give me a budget... I'll give you an outfit.

Now, I must say that these outfits aren't entirely 'me'. I was catering to a particular demographic when putting these together. I'm not much of a jeans girl, and I'm most certainly not much of a flats girl, but I do appreciate the versatility of both.

So yes, ask away... Email me at Tweet me at @AnnaRVitiello. Or if you know me intimately, call me! I'll gladly answer anything from a generic  'I can't find a good pair of wedges for £145' to 'I want something pink, printed, tailored and chic suitable for anything from a wedding to the office... And it must flatter my ample bosom'.

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