What ELLE Wore Today: Giambattista Valli

I love these trousers. In fact, they're quite possibly one of my top 5 most treasured items in my wardrobe. And seen as I'm gushing over these, I should most probably reference their genius creator, the one, the only, Mr Giambattista Valli. Now I'm fully aware that you can't tell much about they're perfection from the above images, but I will tell you this; the cut... the material... the length... they're ALL. JUST. PERFECT. There's something about everything he does that makes me want to marry him that makes me want to sell my soul to buy every last piece of every collection. I just don't see that anyone comes close to the genius of this man when it comes to impeccably cut, incredibly well-made, undeniably BEAUTIFUL ready-to-wear. I just want to wear everything he so lovingly creates even if it is last season's cocoon forming red ball of fluff that I bough in three sizes too big just to own it. I don't even know why I crossed that out. I'm dedicated and proud.

Mr Valli, I know you're a busy man, but if you're reading this, will you marry me?

Today I wore: Faliero Sarti mohair and giant sequin scarf, Zara jacket and shoes, Chloe bag, top from India, culottes by the mighty mighty Giambattista Valli. Photos by the lovely Steph Sian Smith.

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