Detail Shot - What ELLE Wears

Oh balls, oh wait that sounds funny baubles, how much I love them. This particular pair belong to my favourite scarf from Hobbs. Super chunky knit, super long and completed by one huge bauble at the other end which ties in with the smaller pair to create some kind of asphyxiation cocoon effect. On this particular day, I was having a moral sizing-up with the sub-zero conditions. So, I did what every strange being normal person would do and rummaged through a bag labelled 'unwanted garments' which had otherwise been destined for the local charity shop. And what did I find but this cosy woolly jumper which belongs to my dad, naturally. Sorry dad.

This particular detail shot was taken by the lovely Stephanie Sian Smith who pops into ELLE HQ once a week to shoot the online feature 'What ELLE Wears.'

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