Carefully Considered


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful grey and blue striped Carven skirt and a fashion student with a maxed-out overdraft a shortage of funds; they did NOT live happily ever after; she didn't even get to take it out to dinner. SOB. Luckily, that fashion student began earning herself a living (following a year and a half of editorial internships, naturally) and decided it was absolutely necessary to avoid such disappointment EVER again. So, I give you my first buy of 2012; this perfect Carven skirt from MyWardrobe. No, it's not pastel, it doesn't fit any print clash criteria and there isn't anything solidly sport luxe about it unless you were to style it with some Alexander Wang and Isabel Marant. But it WILL look damn good with my Balenciaga open toe boots, Alice Temperley jacket and Trippy Tiger Alexa from Mulberry. Cheque, please.

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